Friday, June 27, 2014

Hi there!

Hello everyone! I'm Marisa. This my personal blog (I also have an American Girl doll blog, Marisa's American Girls). This blog is about everything BUT dolls.
You might be wondering what that "everything" is. Here's the list:

  • Anime 
  • Nails 
  • Hair
  • Giveaways!
  • Music
  • TV
  • Movies
  • And tons of other girl things!
And I know you're all going to ask how old i am and where I live. I can't give specifics, but I am a teenager and live in the USA. 
I hope y'all enjoy my growing blog and I'd love it if you left a beautiful comment down below. 

~Marisa <3


  1. looks great girl! can't wait to see what you'll post!
    Your fried!

  2. Awesome blog so far! Can't wait for a new post :)

  3. Wow so cool Marisa! You go girl!

    1. Hey Sadie!!! Thanks for checking out my blog! See ya soon girlie. ;)

  4. Can't wait for more! are you going to do fashion post like the galaxy one?


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